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100 London Artists iBook

100 London Artists iBook
100 London Artists celebrates London as a centre for contemporary art with a huge population of artists. Selected by Edward Lucie-Smith & gallerist Zavier Ellis, Vol 1 showcases the work of 50 young painters responding to painting's powerful revival.

Vol 2 will feature sculptors, makers of installations, video & performance. Links to galleries & institutions connect you to the vibrant London art scene.

Elizabeth Beecher Publishing is the leader in innovative art publications which enable users to interact with and immerse themselves in art.


This is tomorrow
Behind the bejewelled shop fronts of Hatton Garden, WW Gallery presents a less shiny version of the human condition. Curated by Breese Little at the invitation of the gallery, the current exhibition brings together five international, contemporary artists and a set of vintage shots to consider the mechanics and limits of hope.

Aesthetica Q&A

Aesthetica Q&A

Feb 2013
Aesthetica spoke to Tom Hackney, one of the shortlisted artists from last years exhibition about his current projects.

Eye to the Ground - Ben Eastham Essay

Eye to the Ground - Ben Eastham Essay
Read Ben Eastham's essay to accompany 'Eye to the Ground' at R O O M London...

Enclave Review - Issue #5

Gerhard Richter: Panorama
Exhibition Review, Tom Hackney
Enclave Review - Issue#5, March 2012